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Issue 126: 21st September 2021

Not much going on from the Power BI team this week, other than a pre-announcment regarding the Automatic Installation of the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams, with a new Power BI tenant setting being exposed should you (as an admin) not want that to happen. Elsewhere this week, Brian Julius has talked about the lesser-knownGreat New Hidden DAX Function - COLUMNSTATISTICS, which, unsurprisingly, provides statistics/metadata on every column of every table within your model. Great if you want to analyse column distributions and other information before creating stories/gaining other insights from the data. Patrick Leblanc has described How to show a name more than once in Power BI using a couple of methods, one of which uses additional metadata you can add to tables within your model (which you may not have seen before!) Finally, Fowmy Abdulmuttalib has described How to make Progress Circle and Bar Charts with Native Power BI Visuals, a great use case of how to use additional card visuals to your advantage when designing "custom" visualisations.

Issue 125: 14th September 2021

Just the one announcement on what has been a very quiet week, and that's an update on the preview of the Export Power BI report to file API whereby they've massively increased the limit of the volume of API requests you can make and removed the concurrent pages limitation, amongst other changes. Othwerwise this week, Chris Webb has highlighted a useful option for SQL Server connectors to Preserve Data Types With SQL Queries In Power Query, Adam Saxton has spoken about the Power BI XMLA Endpoint and why you should care, and Antriksh Sharma has described how to Sort Columns in a Matrix in Descending order with DAX and nifty use of the 'sort by column' functionality.

Issue 124: 7th September 2021

It's a bit of a bumper edition this week, what with the 2 week pause, so grab yourself an extra large cup of tea (or coffee, if you're so inclined) and take a look through this week's issue. Let's start with all the announcements. Something I mentioned in the editorial of the last edition has been made-good - and that's some official documentation on the public preview of automatic aggregations. We've also been given a heads-up about Power BI and Excel functionality: Expanded Feature Availability for Power BI Free License Users which is 'coming soon', and will allow Free users to connect Excel to Power BI datasets backed by a Premium capacity. There have been a couple of updates related to Goals in Power BI: Announcing automated statuses and improved filtering for Power BI Goals and Power BI Mobile apps now support Goals. We've also been told that:

Issue 123: 17th August 2021

Firstly, a newsletter related announcement - the next edition of Power BI Weekly will be on the 7th September as I'll be taking a break to go and climb some hills in England. I'll respond to any emails sent to me during the next few weeks upon my return. Now, enough about me...


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