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Issue 163: 28th June 2022

Not a huge amount of content this week, but we've had one pretty neat update which is that Preview data is now available in the dataset details page. You'll now see a pane on the right of your screen on the dataset details page with the tables and columns within the dataset, which you can use to take a quick peek at the data and export it if you wish (there's even a check-box at the table level to select all columns within that table (which still doesn't exist in Desktop, but oh well)). Elsewhere this week, Barry Smart has shown how Python and Power BI can work well together in his blog Extract insights from tag lists using Python Pandas and Power BI, Marco Russo has gone into depth helping us understand the optimization of SWITCH, and Kim Manis has joined Kelly Kaye on the Community Show talking about Synapse and Power BI.

Issue 162: 21st June 2022

The Power BI June 2022 Feature Summary has been released, including announcements such as the new format pane becoming GA, the new Data Hub (which is the evolution of the Datasets Hub) and that DirectQuery for Power BI datasets is now supported in Power BI Embedded. There's also more information on Service Principal profiles (a feature for ISVs providing multi-tenanted Embedded solutions) with Alon Baram presenting a video going into more detail regarding the Service Principal profiles feature. Aside from the feature summary blog, we've also been told about the Updates to full report attachments for email subscriptions in Premium Gen2.

Issue 161: 14th June 2022

A pretty quiet week this week with just the one official announcement, which was the May Release of SQL Server Reporting Services 2022. An announcement from the community, however, was one from the SQLBI folks, describing how to Create your own Contoso star schema database using their new Contoso Data Generator tool to quickly generate some realistic sample data. What's more, you can bring-your-own Customers and Stores reference tables to further customize the sample data to suit your needs. Really handy tool! Elsewhere this week, Chris Webb has written an interesting blog describing How The “Maximum Connections Per Data Source” Property On Power BI DirectQuery Datasets Can Affect Report Performance, Marc Lelijveld describes Successfully implementing Power BI composite models, and Sam Fischer has shown a nice application of Field Parameters, explaining how to Swap Gantt chart hierarchies with Field Parameters.

Issue 160: 7th June 2022

Only one update this week, which is that Enhanced refresh with the Power BI REST API is now generally available (renamed from asynchronous refresh for those wondering).

Elsewhere this week, Glyn Jones has described How to grant Power BI Service Workspace access using PowerShell, Philipp Lenz has provided a brief first look to Power BI Datamarts, and Kelly Kaye has hosted The Power BI Community Show Ep 6 talking about recent Power BI Event Updates with guest Will Thompson.


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