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Issue 135: 7th December 2021

A handful of updates this week, including the new v4 Power BI APIs .NET SDK, with the main change being the addition of new, more specific classes to more accurately represent the object type returned when calling certain APIs. We've also been given a Power BI Streaming Dataflows November Update where the single (but significant) announcement is that arrays are now supported - great for unrolling batched data received from source. The final update from this week is that the On-premises data gateway November 2021 update is now available, with the only update being its compatibility with the November version of Power BI Desktop.

Issue 134: 30th November 2021

There have been a handful of great announcements this week, arguably the most exciting of which being the ability to Create Connected PivotTables in Excel for the web, a hugely sought after request that makes the adoption of Power BI datasets even easier with a fully browser-based experience. Otherwise, we've been told about the new EffectiveUserName support in Power BI Premium, closing one of the last few feature gaps between AAS and Power BI. Capacity settings for datasets are now in Power BI Premium Gen2 to mimic the settings previously available in Gen1, and there is now Power BI integration with Databricks Partner Connect to make it even easier to connect to your Delta tables in Azure Databricks.

Issue 133: 16th November 2021

This week we've been given the Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary, where the main announcement (which might seem insignificant on the surface, but is actually a huge feature improvement) is the New Format Pane (Preview). With this update: the pesky double scrollbars are gone, there's a clear separation between generic and visual specific settings, there's now a global "revert all settings to default" button (particularly useful when applying a new theme to an existing report), and many other improvements. Other features in the feature summary include Page and Bookmark navigators (to speed up custom navs you may currently create while telling your data stories) and loads of data connectivity improvements (including a new Azure Synapse connector and a Google Sheets connector). Exciting stuff! Elsewhere, we've been told about the availability to connect to Snowflake and Azure Databricks via VNet data gateways, enabling a more desirable way (arguably) to connect to network restricted instances of those services.

Issue 132: 9th November 2021

It's an Ignite bumper edition this week - with Rupali Jain sharing the main summary blog: Ignite 2021: Enabling data-driven decisions everywhere collaboration happens with enterprise-grade analytics. That blog highlights the announcements such as the new Goals updates and features, the GA of the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams, along with another reminder of the upcoming Hybrid tables support mentioned earlier in the year at MBAS. Not announced in the blog above, but just as exciting, is the Improved Export to Excel and Connected PivotTables, with the former now providing the option to maintain a table's or matrix's layout when exporting data.


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