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Issue 227: 3rd October 2023

A short edition this week, but there are a few updates. Not sure how I missed this one, but a couple of weeks ago we were told about the new Enhanced Admin Portal Experience with Keyword-Based Filtering, which does exactly what it says on the tin. We've also been made aware that the Power BI OneDrive and SharePoint on by default rollout has started, whereby the preview of Power BI files will be enabled by default if your org hasn't turned it off. Finally, we've been given the Power BI Report Server September 2023 Feature Summary, which comprises mainly a small set of "viewing" improvements.

Issue 226: 26th September 2023

A bit of a light edition this week - no announcements other than the On-premises data gateway September 2023 release. So, onto the community articles. First of all, Alberto Ferrari has weighed up the number of ways you can Find products without sales by using DAX, Chris Webb has discussed how you can Keep Your Existing Power BI Data And Add New Data To It Using Fabric, offering a more robust solution to a previous post he wrote describing how to achieve incremental refresh without a backing relational store. And finally, Rick de Groot has written in detail about Understanding Recursion in Power Query using the Tower Of Hanoi puzzle as a fun demonstration.

Issue 225: 19th September 2023

It's monthly updates galore at the moment, with the introduction of Fabric updates running parallel to the usual Power BI updates. I think it's fair to say the volume of Power BI-specific updates has taken a bit of a hit, with the September 2023 Feature Summary being relatively short compared to those of old. Most useful announcements (IMHO) are that the mobile editing canvas is now interactive and that there have been some Row-level security test as role improvements. Elsewhere this week, Tom Martens has written a detailed article describing How I write complex DAX statements, and Bas Dohmen has showcased another bit of visual mastery in the video UX Revolution with Visual Level Pagination in Power BI.

Issue 224: 12th September 2023

This week we've been given a few nice announcements - firstly, we've been told about the Dataset Refresh History Enhancements, giving us more useful information about our refreshes in an easier-to-consume manner. We've also been given a Heads up: Power BI OneDrive and SharePoint report viewing will be on by default starting in October. I, for one, think this is a great feature - giving people the flexibility of viewing reports in the app they currently find themselves within (which oftentimes is SharePoint). Next, and probably irrelevant for many of you, there is now support for Azure Active Directory shared device mode (preview) for Power BI Mobile apps, which, if your work phone is only temporarily taken from a pool of shared phones before you hand it back, allows you to sign-in and sign-out of all supported AAD apps in one fell swoop. The Power BI Mobile app is now one of those supported apps.


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