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Issue 21: 20th August 2019

There was a massive turnout for the London PUG last night, where Will Thompson (Program Manager at MSFT) was giving us all an intriguing insight into the Power BI team's planning process and methodology. I believe the recording will be made publicly available at some point - if it is, I'll be posting it in the following newsletter. Aside from the user group this week, Matt Allington has very helpfully described how to view a full list of Power BI Icon Names so that you can refer to them by name in measures, and Erik Svenson has created a Power BI Report to browse and watch sessions from MBAS 2019 using the PowerApp visual, so that you can easily navigate through all the sessions at MBAS and watch the ones that may interest you.

Issue 19: 6th August 2019

Three main updates for you all this week. The Power BI Developer community June & July update has been shared with us, in which we've been told that the use of service principals with the API is now GA, and that Paginated Reports can now be embedded into internal applications (plus plenty more updates). We've also been told about the New Power BI Region in South Africa and the Power BI "Back to School" Contest, whereby entrants submit a Power BI-powered lesson to educate students through the fun and interactive medium of Power BI.

Issue 18: 30th July 2019

Most of you are probably aware of the main update this week - the new look for Power BI Service. Among numerous other changes, we now see report pages listed vertically instead of horizontally, which has had different effects on people's report real estate. What do people think of this new look/UX? The other update this week is that we now have the ability to sign up to service availability notifications, so we can react quickly if the Power BI service is down for any reason. Elsewhere, Gil Raviv has written a detailed blog on how to Find overlapping time periods using PowerQuery (Part 2).


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