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Issue 11: 11th June 2019

This week I wanted to highlight this article on Azure Machine Learning in Power BI Dataflows by Sagar Narla. I think it the combination of Azure ML and Power BI is really exciting and something I'm certainly planning on exploring! 

There were also quite a few announcements and updates, along with a summary of The road so far in 2019 (as it's somehow already June!).

Issue 10: 4th June 2019

I can't quite believe we are up to 10 editions already, and thank you to everyone for helping to make this into the success that it has been!

This week I want to highlight a couple of blogs: 

Steve Howard has written a great blog about Power BI Governance. And John White discusses Creating complex real-time dashboards with Power BI.

There were also a couple of announcements and updates:

Report Parameter Support for Paginated Report E-Mail Subscriptions are Now Available

Issue 9: 28th May 2019

Only a few updates this week: On the Power BI blog Chris Finlan has announced that Enhanced Attachment Support for Paginated Reports E-Mail Subscriptions is Now Available and Tess Hurr has given us the Power BI Report Server May 2019 Feature Summary. Christian Wade also discusses What's new for SQL Server 2019 Analysis Services CTP 3.0. Elsewhere, on the BIFocal show, John and Jason have given a roundup of the May 2019 Power BI Desktop Update.

Issue 8: 21st May 2019

This week our very own James Broome has written a brilliant blog explaining How to create a Power BI workspace in an Azure DevOps Pipeline using Powershell, laying it out step-by-step and alluding to the gotchas. This week, we've also been given the Power BI Desktop May 2019 Feature Summary which includes information about the new Performance analyzer pane which I'm sure a lot of you will find very useful! Elsewhere, there have been some advancements around Trusted Third Party Connectors for Power BI, making it easier for you to use the connectors you've built and trust.


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