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Issue 267: 16th July 2024

We'll start with the July 2024 Feature Summary this week which is pretty light on the feature updates - the main highlight being the DAX Query View updates, which includes Live Connect support and the ability to add/update multiple measures. Over on the Fabric side, we've been given a couple of updates over the last couple of weeks, the most recent being that there is now GitHub integration for source control (Preview) (enabled via the admin portal), and the other relevant announcement being the Semantic Link Updates June 2024, which incorporates the new Semantic Link Labs toolkit (formerly Fabric CAT Tools) to provide even more options of programmatically accessing and modifying elements of your Power BI semantic model. In fact, Gilbert Quevauvilliers has written about this, describing how to Automate updating your Incremental Refresh Policy for your Semantic Model using the toolkit.

Issue 266: 9th July 2024

Only a single announcement this week, which is regarding the Retirement of the Windows installer for Analysis Services client libraries (which I can't imagine impacts too many of you!) So straight onto the community articles this week. Firstly, Angela Henry has shared some valuable learnings/insights/gotchas for deploying PBIP files, in her blog So You Want to Deploy Power BI Project files (PBIPs)?, Andre Fomin has given a walkthrough of a DAX Calculation for Time Series Forecast (rather than utilizing the built-in forecasting functionality), and finally, Matt Mair-Durrant has written a fun blog about his experience Learning through ‘Unconventional’ Power BI Projects, describing how he re-created "Texas Hold ‘Em" as a Power BI report.

Issue 265: 2nd July 2024

A very short edition this week. The only announcement is that of the Power BI Admin portal Usage metrics dashboard retirement, which (as you may have already noticed) is being superseded by the Admin monitoring workspace (preview) which includes additional granular insights. On the community articles-front this week: Roland Szirmai has walked through a scenario around Fixing Power Query CSV Import Issues using both the GUI and code, Justin Martin has described Creating User-Driven Default Slicer Selections to cater for scenairos where users are allowed to see all data, but their default view should be customized to default to their area, and Bas Dohmen has shown us 3 Power BI Visuals You Haven't Seen Before, including a dynamic column/line switching chart, a fill-card visual, and a customized funnel-style chart incorporating custom labels and the new ribbon functionality announced earlier this year.

Issue 264: 25th June 2024

No technical announcements this week, but Microsoft has yet again (unsurprisingly) been named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and BI Platforms, being placed in the most impressive position (and by some distance)! Well done to the various teams at Microsoft.


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