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Issue 36: 3rd December 2019

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving last week had a great time. It's been noticeably quiter over the last week. Only a few blogs came from the Power BI team - the only announcement being that the On-premises data gateway November 2019 update is now available. We were also told about How Power BI and Accessibility Work Together, and the Analytics in Azure Virtual Event on the 10th December was pointed out to us.

Issue 35: 26th November 2019

Last week was quite a quiet one by the Power BI team's standards. 2 announcements: we've been told about that we can now Upgrade classic workspaces to the new workspace experience, but this feature is currently in public preview, so use with caution! We've also been provided with the Power BI Developer community November 2019 update which includes a bunch of cool updates, including the ability to dynamically bind a report to a new dataset across a workspace.

Issue 34: 19th November 2019

Last week we were given the Power BI Desktop November 2019 Feature Summary, which included things like the Decomposition tree visual, numerous visualization updates and an introduction to the new AI functions in Power Query. However, the one that most people are talking about is the Updated Ribbon Experience for Power BI Desktop. What do people think? Do we like the convergence towards the rest of the Office products, or did we like that Power BI was 'different'? We've also now been told how we can Analyze LinkedIn Sales Navigator usage data in Power BI with the new connector.

Issue 33: 12th November 2019

Blimey, what a packed week last week was. So many announcements and updates to digest... Arun Ulag has got most of them covered in this blog, and for completeness, here are all the referenced blogs:


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