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Issue 177: 4th October 2022

No announcements at all this week, so we'll jump straight into the highlighted articles. First of all, Alberto Ferrari has recorded a 20 minute tutorial on the ins and outs of RANKX in DAX (a function surprisingly difficult to get going with). Mara Pereira has written an article describing Everything you need to know about Bookmarks in Power BI, describing the different use-cases and options you can configure when using the feature. Finally, although not directly related to Power BI, Olivier Travers has written a helpful overview of Row Level Security, Object Level Security, Data Masking and their Business Use Cases.

Issue 176: 27th September 2022

This week we've been told What’s New in the September Release of Power BI Report Server, including (amongst other updates) an updated portal and a new migration tool for uploading on-premises reports to the Power BI Service. We've been told about the On-premises data gateway September release which brings the compatibility in line with the latest Desktop version, and we've been asked to fill out the Power BI Metrics (previously referred to as Goals) survey.

Issue 175: 20th September 2022

Plenty of announcements. Let's start with the Power BI September 2022 Feature Summary, where we've been told that the Hierarchical style axis is now the default display for multiple fields being used for the x axis, the automatic display names for summarized fields have been adapted to contain the summarization type, and it is now officially supported to consume datasets you have access to in external tenants within your own tenant (big news for partners/vendors/suppliers/any org that consumes Power BI content from multiple tenants!)

Issue 174: 13th September 2022

This week, a significant change in the security for Power BI Datamarts has been released, which is intoduced using the fancy terminology "AAD-based filtration for Power BI Datamarts", which in reality translates to a new tenant setting that allows you to specify the AAD groups which are allowed to create Datamarts. The other announcement this week is that the Power BI component for Vue.js applications is now available - so if you use Vue as your front-end framework, embedding Power BI just got a whole lot easier.


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