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Issue 246: 20th February 2024

We're still awaiting the first Power BI feature summary of the year, but from what I can tell from chat on social media, it's going to include some pretty cool features (around TMDL and Visual Calcs). The new version of Power BI Desktop has actually already been released, so you may already be using it without knowing! Anyway, I'll leave details until the official blog has been released. So onto this week's updates. There have been a few Improvements for creating new Direct Lake semantic models (note: not the default semantic model), and we can now use Copilot to Generate measure descriptions (preview) (an even easier way of documenting your model!) Elsewhere this week, Alberto Ferrari has described Optimizing time intelligence in DirectQuery, and Nandan Hegde has described how to Refresh Power BI Semantic Model from MSFT Fabric Data Pipeline (while we wait for a native Power BI refresh activity).

Issue 245: 13th February 2024

No Power BI specific announcements this week, but a couple of relevant announcement from the Fabric side of things. The first being that Fabric Copilot pricing has been announced, so if you're interested in taking a look at how users using Copilot will affect your billing - take a read of that blog. We've been told the billing will begin on the 1st March - so if you're an admin, you probably want to get familiar with the pricing now. The other announcement is that we can now Automate CI/CD pipelines with Microsoft Fabric Git REST APIs, so git operations are no longer confined to the Fabric UI. Elsewhere this week, and sticking to the Fabric + Power BI theme, Patrick Leblanc has answered the questions many of you may have been wondering if you've been using Lakehouses & Default Semantic Models within your tenant: Why can’t I edit my Power BI semantic model? and Adding a column to your Lakehouse? Where is it in the Semantic Model?.

Issue 244: 6th February 2024

This week the biggest news is that the VNet Data Gateway for Fabric and Power BI is now Generally Available, which currently supports Fabric Dataflows Gen2, Power BI Semantic Models, Power Platform Dataflows, and Power BI Paginated Reports. I know this has been a common request from many organizations, so I'm sure this is welcome news for a lot of you! We've also been told about the New Solution Accelerators for Power BI Embedded Analytics for those of you embedding reports into custom apps, and for those of you working in regulated industries, you'll be glad to hear that Microsoft Fabric is now HIPAA compliant amongst gaining certifications for various ISO standards.

Issue 243: 30th January 2024

This week we have just the one "official" announcement, and that's the Power BI Report Server January 2024 Feature Summary, which includes: the ability to show visuals as tables, more styling options for column and bar charts, and greater customization for data labels. The other announcement I wanted to highlight this week comes from the Tabular Editor blog, which is that Editing semantic models through the XMLA endpoint no longer disables web authoring of the models, giving you greater flexibility over where and how you make modifications.


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