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Issue 16: 16th July 2019

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to those who have signed up after seeing me introduce Power BI Weekly at the London Power BI User Group last week, and, of course, a very warm welcome to the rest of this week's new subscribers. This week, we've been provided the On-premises data gateway July 2019 update and we've been given the ability to Send dataset refresh notifications to others - a very handy feature for notifying relevant parties of refresh failures. Another Power BI-related announcement is that query interleaving for Azure Analysis Services is now in development. Also in this week's edition, Lars Schreiber has written an interesting article describing How to identify Measures not used in your pbix file, utilizing some SSAS DMVs and the new performance analyzer feature.

Issue 15: 9th July 2019

Later on today (at 11AM PST), Christian Wade is hosting a live event to talk about the upcoming GA of Power BI Aggregations, an exciting feature enabling analysis over datasets consisting of trillions of rows. (Unfortunately I can't join this as I'll be attending the monthly London Power BI user group - let me know if you're going too!) Elsewhere, we've been told about the support for non-Premium Power BI datasets in Power BI Paginated Report Builder and that you can now have Multiple data source definitions on the On-premises data gateway for the same data source.

Issue 14: 2nd July 2019

This week, we've received the Power BI Dataflows June 2019 Feature Summary, which has outlined the new dataflow templates, and the new enhanced compute engine which Matthew Roche has elaborated on here. What's more, we've finally been granted our wish of a Viewer Role for Power BI Workspaces, we've been given the Power BI Paginated Reports June 2019 Feature Update Summary, and we've been told how to Avoid workspace loops by expanding navigation properties in the GetGroupsAsAdmin API, by using the new $expand query option in the API call.

Issue 13: 25th June 2019

Only one announcement this week, which is the new ability to Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) Preview for Power BI Premium - a great new capability for those who'd like more control over the keys that encrypt their data. Elsewhere, Marco Russo has introduced Calculation Groups (a way to group related, generic measures), and Brett Powell has written about Power BI Artifact to Workspace Relationships, creating a data model from the numerous different Power BI artifacts for easier governance by Power BI Admins.


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