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Issue 192: 31st January 2023

It's the week of the Power BI 2023 Wave 1 Release Plan, announcing some great upcoming features such as being able to author calculation groups in Power BI Desktop and the ability to View files from the Power BI Service within Power BI Desktop. Unfortunately, there was one feature that was teased in the notes but (sadly) quickly removed around GIT integration, though maybe there's something to look forward to there.

Issue 191: 24th January 2023

A flurry of exciting announcements this week. Firstly, we've been told about the Public Preview of Power BI Dataset Scale-Out which is the last big discrepancy between AAS and Power BI Premium, enabling dynamic scaling based on live query processing demands. It also enables the decoupling of refresh scenarios from live user queries, meaning that neither is affected by the load caused by the other. Sticking to compute improvements, we've been told about some backup and restore improvements for large datasets near the size limit, enabling backups near the dataset size limit to be restored more easily, through the addition of a new forceRestore option. Elsewhere, we've been told about the new Connected Excel Tables from Power BI feature in Public Preview, allowing us to generate "standard" Excel tables (i.e. not just PivotTables) connected to our Power BI data, which is a huge step towards making Power BI more accessible for all.

Issue 190: 17th January 2023

This week we've been told about the Power BI in Microsoft Teams collaboration experiences improvements, with the preview cards getting a spruce up, along with the addition of a new embedded feedback button and the option to upgrade legacy Power BI tabs to the new version. Talking of M365 integrations, we've also been given an update on the Viva Goals + Metrics integration alongside a summary of the usability improvements that have been added to the Metrics feature. Otherwise this week, Just Blindbæk has described how to Query Power BI tenant metadata with Synapse Serverless SQL, Brian Julius has described How To Debug With SELECTEDVALUE Optional Parameter In Power BI, and Marc Lelijveld has written about How to make your Power BI solution support multiple languages.

Issue 189: 10th January 2023

Radio silence from the Power BI team again this week, although the Azure team has told us that the Azure Cosmos DB V2 Connector for Power BI in preview (which now supports DirectQuery!) Elsewhere this week, Kurt Buhler has shared a way to Format Power Query in Power BI, Automatically (spoiler - TE3 may be involved!), Daniel Otykier has joined Reid Havens to also talk about Tabular Editor 3 - this time about DAX Window Functions, and John Kerski has spoken about Bringing DataOps to Power BI.


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