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Issue 254: 16th April 2024

The Power BI April 2024 Feature Summary came out last week, including (amongst other updates) a Brand New Visual – 100% Stacked Area Chart and a cool new Metadata Scanning sample app to help catalog and report on your organization’s Fabric items. We've also been told about the new functionality to Deliver report Subscriptions to OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview), although such Subscriptions are still only possible with a capacity-backed workspace (though PPU support is coming soon apparently).

Issue 253: 9th April 2024

A couple of announcements this week. One of them has probably made itself apparent to those of you who have opened up Power BI Desktop recently, and that's the new Copilot Pane in Power BI Desktop (preview). To use this you need to have access to a workspace with an F64/P1 capacity to use as the backing compute. On the same theme, we've been provided with a Deep dive into DAX query view with Copilot, flexing some of Copilot's inline query functionality. The second announcement is on a totally different topic - and that's the support for Continuous Slide Shows in Power BI Storytelling add-in, meaning looping slide shows can have automatic refresh enabled. Aside from these official blogs this week, Marco Russo has written the much-anticipated article around Direct Lake vs. Import mode in Power BI - worth taking a read!

Issue 252: 2nd April 2024

As the dust settles on SQLBits and FabCon, we can now reflect on the vast swathe of new Fabric announcements and their impact (if any) on our businesses. I shared Arun's main blog last week: Announcements from the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, but if a wall of words isn't for you, it might be easier looking through the latest posts on the Fabric blog to get an idea of the top-level updates and announcements. The main announcements impacting Power BI users, in my opinion, would be

Issue 251: 26th March 2024

Move aside SQLBits, it's FabCon week this week, and there have already been some huge announcements on the Fabric side to sink your teeth into. Grab a drink and take a read of Arun's all-encompassing blog here: Announcements from the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference to get an overview of all the new and updated features. A few of the bigger ones being that Mirroring is supported in Public Preview (for Cosmos DB, Azure SQL DB and Snowflake), you can now access on-premises data using the on-premises Data Gateway in Data Factory pipelines, and you can have Folders in the Workspace View! More specifically to Power BI, we've also been given the Power BI March 2024 Feature Summary, which mainly comprises a handful of incremental improvements/updates to existing features.


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