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Issue 108: 4th May 2021

Quite a lot going on this week. Firstly, don't forget the MBAS summit later on today, where you can hear about the amazing Power BI customer stories sessions,, see some demos, and get up to date with the Power BI roadmap. Otherwise this week, we've been provided a Premium Gen 2 timeline update – Capacity size enforcement and autoscale charges coming up - if you're using Gen2 make sure you take a note of the key dates specified in that blog. Chris Finlan has also shared a video of the New way to enable Power BI Premium for your workspaces and apps which some of you may have noticed while going to your workspace settings. We've also been told that the On-premises data gateway April 2021 update is now available.

Issue 107: 27th April 2021

No updates to provide this week. We have, though, been told about the Microsoft Business Applications Summit on May 4th, 2021 where you can learn about upcoming features alongside cool demos right across the Power Platform. Do check that out - there always seems to be at least one killer feature that's demoed at the MBAS summit (which we then often have to wait for to be released, but it's still nice to see what's coming up!) Also on the official blog, Kay Unkroth has described how to use XMLA endpoints to change data sources in a Power BI dataset, showing just how flexible programmatic access to your data model is using the XMLA endpoint. Elsewhere this week, Chris Webb has written Can I Build A Power BI DirectQuery Dataset On Top Of A REST API?; the simple answer being "No" unless you go custom or bring in a third party. Finally, Ruth Pozuelo Martinez has described how to use the new Power Automate custom visual to create a Export to Excel / CSV button in Power BI, creating a file in some common file store. Obviously this is just one example of new functionality enabled by this new visual, but really the sky's the limit!

Issue 106: 20th April 2021

Hope those attending the Power BI Summit are enjoying themselves so far. This week we've been given the Power BI April 2021 Feature Summary, where a couple of the main announcements are about the new Power Automate visual for Power BI reports, allowing you to act on the insights you find when exploring a Power BI report in a contextual manner, and the new Charticulator visual letting you create your custom visuals right from within Power BI. Both visuals are in preview.

Issue 105: 13th April 2021

A few updates this week: Object-Level Security (OLS) is now generally available in Power BI Premium and Pro, there's a new sharing experience coming soon (shareable links), and we've been told about What's New In Dataflows - April 2021 including terminology updates ("entities" are now called "tables", and "fields" are called "columns").


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