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Issue 199: 21st March 2023

It's that time again - the March 2023 Feature Summary is here. It's largely a collation of public preview/GA announcements that have occurred over the last few weeks, but there are a couple of features worth calling out. The first is the update to the Apply all slicers button, Clear all slicers button, and Optimization presets features, which (amongst other things) has added an "Apply all slicers" action that you can assign to a button. Find more information in this article: Deep dive into the new Apply all slicers and Clear all slicers buttons. One slightly more inconspicuous feature that's landed (and one for you designers out there) is the Visual container improvements, including the ability to add "Subtitles", "Divider" lines, and (wait for it...) "Padding"! I know a couple of my colleagues will be very happy about this. Other announcements this week include the fact that the Analysis Services server properties in Power BI Premium are now in general availability, and that DAX Studio 3.0.6 has been released.

Issue 198: 14th March 2023

A few more announcements this week. Possibly the most exciting of the announcements is the (opt-in) public preview of On-object, a new and improved way to format visuals within Power BI, allowing you to edit granular elements of a visual by selecting the items on the visual itself. We've also been told that The Scanner API now includes even more metadata, such as scheduled refresh settings, RDL, RLS configuration, and more, that you can now Use Power BI data from different regions in your Power Apps solution and that the ApproximateDistinctCount DAX Function Now Works On More DirectQuery Sources.

Issue 197: 7th March 2023

There has been a handful of announcements this week, from features turning GA to improvements in the Power BI compute engine. Let's start with the GA: Power BI Org Apps with Multiple Audiences now Generally Available, the Power BI integration with is now generally available, and the General availability of Power BI with Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server. The other announcements this week are as follows: there's new Query parallelization functionality to boost Power BI dataset performance in DirectQuery mode, we've been told that Multi-tasking in Microsoft Teams with Power BI is getting better (largely down to UX enhancements), and we've been given the Power BI Datamart – February 2023 Feature Summary, including the ability to manage the default dataset to add/remove tables from the autogenerated dataset.

Issue 196: 28th February 2023

An announcement that came in yesterday, which I can't quite tell whether it comes as a surprise, is that Streaming Dataflows are being retired as of mid-March (2023). I hope those using Streaming Dataflows got a bit more notice about their retirement than the couple of weeks of notice given in the blog! Anyway, the Power BI team has pointed people towards the Azure Stream Analytics No-code editor as a migration path which now offers a superset of the Streaming Dataflows capabilities. Learn more about how you can then integrate with Power BI on that blog. The other announcement this week is the On-premises data gateway February release. Not really any updates other than Power BI Desktop version alignment, but there is a notice for those using Power BI Dataflows which connect to on-prem gateway data sources; if your gateway version is older than April 2021, your connection might fail. So remember to update!


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