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Issue 42: 21st January 2020

Only a couple of announcements this week: there is now a new health center within the Premium Capacity Metrics app, useful for monitoring and identifying potential issues on your capacities. In Azure Analysis Services land, we've been told that Improved query replica synchronization in Azure Analysis Services is in preview, which improves performance and consistency in scale-out environments.

Issue 41: 14th January 2020

Radio-silence from the Power BI team this week, so let's dive straight into the highlighted blogs. Miguel Escobar has compared DAX and Power Query solutions in their blog Static Segmentation in Power BI / DAX / Power Query, Ben Gribaudo has written about Control Structure in their Power Query M Primer series, and Teo Lachev has shared some interesting findings about the Power BI Pro Storage Quota.

Issue 40: 7th January 2020

Welcome to the first edition of Power BI Weekly in the 20s! Happy New Year to everyone, and Happy Christmas to those celebrating it today! What a year it was last year for Power BI. So many huge announcements crammed into 12 months - here's my pick from each month:

Issue 39: 24th December 2019

Lots of pre-vacation announcements in the last week, it seems. Let's rattle through them. As ever, we've received the Power BI Desktop December 2019 Feature Summary which features the new method by which you can specify themes (much more easily). We've also been told about the new dedicated Power BI Activity Log, and that the Power BI Mobile new look is now GA and includes your activity feed.


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