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Issue 77: 22nd September 2020

Has everyone remembered that the Microsoft Ignite virtual conference starts today? If you haven't, don't worry - there's still time to sign-up. I'm sure there'll be plenty of exciting announcements/updates/roadmpas, both in Power BI and in the wider Microsoft ecosystem. Learn more over here.

Issue 76: 15th September 2020

No announcements to share with you over the last week, so I'll just share with you this week's highlighted blogs. On the Power BI community blog, Paul Brown discusses Creating a custom or hybrid matrix to achieve grids of data best suited to your needs through manually entered tables and use of the TREATAS function. Elsewhere, Patrick Leblanc has followed up on the How to build a date picker video posted a few months ago with details on how to solve one of the pain points and take it to the next level, with a nice use of Calculation Groups. Finally, Sophie Marchand has written a blog (in French) about The dangers of customizing visuals, referring to the new "Personalize Visuals" capability added to Power BI earlier this year. A couple of good points to keep in mind when enabling this feature, with the aim of avoiding any unintentional ambiguity.

Issue 75: 8th September 2020

Big news for those of you using multi-dimensional models - DAX-based clients (e.g. Power BI Desktop) can now use 'SuperDAX' functions to boost performance. Read more in this blog: Improving Power BI performance when querying multidimensional models. This week we've also been given the Power BI Paginated Reports August 2020 Update including changes to authentication, data sources and parameters. We've also been told that the Azure S8 and S9 Analysis Services SKUs are retiring on 31 August 2023 and that the Power BI Workspace Collection is being retired on 31 August 2021.

Issue 74: 1st September 2020

No announcements this week, other than the Sept 2020 release of Power BI Report Server has been delayed by a month so that the Power BI team can provide key functionality in October rather than having to wait until the new year. Otherwise, this week Matt Allington has written about the Dynamic Formatting of Switch Measures, Pragati11 has described how to Control the Number of Rows to Be Displayed in a Table Visual Using What-If Parameters, and Ben Gribaudo has shared an interesting video detailing How Power Query Thinks: Taking the Mystery Out of Streaming and Query Folding.


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