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Issue 61: 2nd June 2020

This week, we've been told about the new Direct Query support for Power BI Dataflows - as long as you're using the enhanced compute engine in your Premium capacity, you're good to go. We've also been told that the Page view for Paginated Reports is now available in Power BI, and the Power BI Report Server May 2020 Feature Summary has been shared. Finally, we've been given a roadmap update on what's next for the new workspace experience upgrade in the coming months, including admins acquiring the ability to block the creation of classic workspaces.

Issue 60: 26th May 2020

For those of you that don't know, it was the first fully virtual Microsoft Build conference last week. Some huge announcements across the board, having implications in both the Azure and Power BI ecosystems. If you want to catch up on all the Azure announcements, check out the latest edition of Azure Weekly. Arguably the biggest announcement of them all, is the Azure Synapse Analytics public preview, a powerful end-to-end analytics platform with Power BI built right into it - read about 5 Reasons why Azure Synapse Analytics should be on your roadmap. Otherwise, we've been told about the General Availability of shared and certified datasets in Power BI, which introduces the new "force delete" functionality for dataset owners, whereby all dependent reports will either be deleted or disconnected from their data model (depending on whether the report resides in the dataset's workspace or a different workspace).

Issue 59: 19th May 2020

A long awaited feature has landed this week, and that's the deployment pipelines that have been demoed at Microsoft Ignite last year and MBAS a couple of weeks ago. This (preview) feature provides much-needed lifecycle management for Power BI artifacts, surfaced through a user-friendly user interface. However (as ever...) this is only currently available for workspaces assigned to Premium capacities, and lacks support for Dataflows - so a way to go yet before it becomes useful for a lot of us. Also announced this week: the Power BI Embedded samples have been spruced up, with examples in .NET, Python, Java and Node and React. Perfect resources for those of you trying to get going with embedded reports.

Issue 58: 12th May 2020

How many exciting announcements at MBAS were there?! Some incredible new capabilities are on the way. Probably the most impressive of which is the new composite models feature, highlighted in Christian Wade's session, which gives analysts the ability to extend or modify Enterprise semantic models to suit their needs. Arun Ulag has provided an overview of all the new/upcoming features in the blog Driving a data culture: from insight to action - make sure you have a flick through that (don't miss the more detailed blog on the new Personalize Visuals Experience for Power BI Reports). Elsewhere, we've received the new Power BI Desktop April 2020 Feature Summary, we've been told about the new Timely Premium Capacity Overload Alerts, and we now have the capability to Automate Data Gateway Installation (Public Preview).


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