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Issue 185: 6th December 2022

The November Feature Summary has landed, with a number of great additions. It's now possible to have Unshared and unsynchronized axes for small multiples charts (so no more empty looking bar charts!), there's a new Optimize ribbon in Power BI Desktop, allowing you to do things like control when visuals refresh, configure settings, and access the performance analyzer (but unfortunately not auto-optimizing your DAX formulas!), and the new (yet secret) EVALUATEANDLOG and TOCSV/TOJSON functions have now been officially announced. Also, the On-premises data gateway November release has been release, bringing the gateway in line with the latest version of Power BI Desktop.

Issue 184: 29th November 2022

Absolutely no word from the Power BI team this week, so we'll jump straight into the community content. Last week Paul Turley began a series of articles regarding Developing Large Power BI Datasets, and has now followed up the first article with two more great articles related to Partitioning and Detail Tables. Bas Dohmen has shown how we can use the dynamic Y axis functionality to achieve 100% Axis Control in Power BI, and Greg Deckler has taken a step back discussing the topic of Planning Power BI Projects.

Issue 183: 22nd November 2022

It's a double edition this week with plenty of great content. A few amazing announcements (a couple of which were announced/discussed at the PASS summit), which were the support for paginated reports in Power BI Pro (woop!), the New cache refresh settings available in Power BI Premium, and the new Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium automated migration tool. Elsewhere this week, Marco and Alberto has described the new horizontal fusion feature in DAX, Kurt Buhler has summarized the various methods to achieve Measure Selection in Power BI, and Chris Webb has shared a lesser-known method of potentially reducing the size of your model in the blog Why You Should Defragment Your Fact Tables If Youre Using Incremental Refresh In Power BI Premium.

Issue 182: 8th November 2022

Only a single announcement this week, which is that you can now Save a copy of a report & Collapse navigation pane in Organizational App. The former being a feature that's been brought back by popular demand! Otherwise this week, Microsoft has shown how you can Unleash your Dynamics 365 Data with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI (using the Synapse Link capability to replicate your data into a Synapse Analytics environment), the SQLBI team has released the 1.0 version for their Bravo for Power BI tool, and James Andrew has shown a nice way to Use Canva to Create an Interactive Power BI Virtual Assistant.


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