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Issue 66: 7th July 2020

Only one announcement this week, although it's nothing technical - is adding the support to use your organisational credentials (same credentials you use for Power BI in general) to log-in to the site. In fact, it's removing support for other identity providers (Google, Facebook etc), so you should ensure that you read that blog and perform the necessary steps to make sure you don't lose your historical activities. Otherwise, here's a few blogs to highlight this week: Carmel Eve has provided a quick tip around Updating the sort order of a column in Power BI avoiding circular references, Chandeep Chhabra has described how to Change Measures Using a Slicer in Power BI, and Annamarie Van Wyk has written about Changing colours using DAX and conditional formatting in Power BI.

Issue 65: 30th June 2020

Just the one announcement this week - that's the General Availability (GA) of enhanced connectivity for Snowflake, which "includes the ability to connect to Snowflake without an on-premises data gateway, as well as support for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication and SSO in DirectQuery mode in the Power BI service". Not bad compatibility! Elsewhere this week, I've written a blog about How to dynamically choose the correct font colour based on a background colour in Power BI tables using a nice bit of colour theory, Parker Stevens has shared part 2 of the "Building a Power BI Admin View" series around obtaining refreshable access tokens, and John White has shown how to Connect to Application Insights and Log Analytics with Direct Query.

Issue 64: 23rd June 2020

Only a couple of announcements this week. There's now a New way of getting apps, whereby all your organizational apps and apps shared on AppSource are now in one, unified view. We've also been provided with a Licensing and roadmap update for Power BI Report Server, where the main bit of news is that Microsoft is now allowing SQL Server Enterprise customers with software assurance to deploy Power BI Report Server on Azure VMs for production use, by leveraging their Azure Hybrid Benefit. A great enabler for those orgs undergoing digital transformation and migrating to the cloud.

Issue 63: 16th June 2020

If this edition seems a little larger than usual, that's because we're now including YouTube content in the newsletter. So, you'll be seeing more and more great YouTube content being added in the near future. If you subscribe to any channels and you think that its content belongs in this newsletter, then send us a message! We can't find them all, and we want to include as much content from the community as possible.


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