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Issue 4: 23rd April 2019

It's been a relatively quiet week this week - the Power BI team has only one announcement for us: E-Mail Subscriptions for Paginated Reports is Now Available. Elsewhere, Brett Powell has provided instructions on how to generate some handy Power BI Admin Datasets, Erik Svensen describes how to E-mail the selected record in Power BI with Power Apps and flow and include a CSV File with the records and Adam Saxton solves a problem we've recently encountered here at endjin: Fixing a connection issue with Azure Databricks in Power BI.

Issue 2: 9th April 2019

We've got plenty more people joining us this week - if you're one of them, and you post Power BI content on your own blog, let us know and we will follow your blog for future content. Additionally, if you notice that we're not including content from a Power BI blog that you follow, get in touch and we'll look to add it to our list.

Without further ado, let's take a look at this week's numerous announcements and updates:

Elsewhere, Marek Rycharski has had An in depth look at the Automated ML entities in Power BI dataflows, Gauri Mahajan has taken us through using the Power BI Funnel Plot for Outliers Detection, and Imke Feldmann has shown us how to Export data from Power BI using Microsoft Flow.

Issue 1: 2nd April 2019

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Power BI Weekly! Hopefully the welcome email and sample edition have enlightened those of you that have subscribed on what to expect from this newsletter. If you're joining us from the website and haven't yet subscribed, don't forget to subscribe back on the home page.

There are two announcements to share this week. There is now a slideshow option in the presentation mode on the Windows Power BI app, perfect for having reports on a loop in the background during presentations or public displays. Additionally, we've been told about the Power BI open-platform connectivity with XMLA endpoints public preview, a great feature to get some more flexibility over your Power BI datasets (premium only, currently).

Also in this week's edition, Mark Allington has written the first blog in a series about a way to obtain Affordable Power BI Premium for Small Businesses, and Melissa Coates has spoken about Three Ways to Use Power BI Dataflows. Continue reading for more great content!


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