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Issue 121: 3rd August 2021

This week, we've been given the Updated Timeline and milestones for Premium Gen2 General Availability, with the team outlining a bunch of updates coming to the metrics app, and sharing that the Gen2 GA is planned for Sept 27th. We've also been told about the new Admin APIs to Determine Access Rights (Public Preview) for various artifact types, and a notice to expect an API later in the summer to query which assets a specific user has access to.

Issue 120: 27th July 2021

We were hit with both the Power BI July 2021 Feature Summary and the 2021 release wave 2 notes in the last few days. The highlight from the feature summary is arguably the new conditional formatting functionality, which now offers loads more properties to which you can apply rules. As for the release notes, my highlights are the upcoming functionality to provide Artifact-level access for Power BI apps (preview later this year), Natural language to DAX generation (preview early next year) and (for you admins out there), Chargeback reporting for Power BI Premium administrators (in preview early next year).

Issue 119: 20th July 2021

Just the two updates in the last week. The main one being that Streaming dataflows in Power BI premium now available in public preview, removing most of the restrictions imposed on Streaming Datasets. Just plug in your Azure Event Hub or IoT Hub, define your transformations and off you go! Very exciting feature. Additionally, the On-premises data gateway July 2021 update is now available including a new Amazon Athena connector (AWS' version of Synapse SQL Serverless).

Issue 118: 13th July 2021

No announcements whatsoever this week, but plenty of great content elsewhere. Dennes Torres has described how to Embed Power BI in Jupyter Notebooks, explaining their opinion on the current usefulness of the feature. Nikola Ilic has described everything you need to know about thePaginated Report visual, digging into the internals on how the visual is working. Finally, Philipp Lenz has written a succinct blog describing What you can do with Power BI and perspectives, and Gilbert Quevauvilliers has continued the series around Migrating AAS to PPU - this time sharing some insights regarding Historical Data Loading.


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