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Issue 168: 2nd August 2022

The Power BI 2022 Wave 2 Release Plan has recently been released, with exciting features such as Query scale-out for Premium, a Quick Creation SDK (to embed "quick create" authoring scenarios into custom apps), and Dataset authoring in the Power BI Service. Other than that, we've also been made aware of some Power BI Ideas site updates that will be coming in the near future, including improvements to the search experience and finding related ideas.

Issue 167: 26th July 2022

A couple of articles related to the changes to Power BI custom visual licensing this week, where it's now possible to buy, sell, manage, and enforce licenses directly through the AppSource commercial marketplace. Learn more in the following articles: Partners: Introducing a new way to manage, enforce and transact licenses for Power BI visuals and Introducing a new way to purchase licensed Power BI visuals and manage licenses through Microsoft platforms.

Issue 166: 19th July 2022

This month's Power BI Feature Summary includes announcements like the new NETWORKDAYS DAX function, the new Datamarts preview connector and that Error bars have gone GA. We've also had a couple of other official blogs this week, one of which is the announcement that Visualizing views in Dynamics 365 with Power BI is now generally available, and a blog explaining the differences between the relatively new ExecuteQueries REST API versus XMLA endpoints when programmatically retrieving query results.

Issue 165: 12th July 2022

First of all, congratulations to all those that received the MVP award in the last week, and thank you for all the effort you all put in for the sake of the Power BI Community - it doesn't go unnoticed! This week we've had a couple of updates, the first of which is the Improved Power BI Experience in Excel, which includes a nicer search experience when finding datasets to connect to, and some additional deep links into Power BI artifacts associated with the datasets. The other update is a new Power BI Mobile feature called Data in space, which allows you to "create spatial anchors in the real world and attach Power BI data to them, so that data can be connected to the physical environment it describes." This is one of those features that probably has a very niche market, but is nonetheless a pretty mind-blowing feature to witness as a Power BI enthusiast.


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