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Issue 235: 29th November 2023

No official announcements this week after the Ignite influx, although Darren Gosbell has shared the v3.0.10 Release of DAX Studio with a couple of updates and a bunch of fixes - so upgrade if you can! Otherwise, Sandeep Pawar has written a useful blog about Controlling Direct Lake Fallback Behavior, Alberto Ferrari has described how to Compute accurate percentages with row-level security in Power BI, and Bas Dohmen has shared an engaging introductory video about the New Button Slicers in Power BI.

Issue 234: 21st November 2023

You'll probably be aware that last week was the Microsoft Ignite conference, which was, well - eventful! If you missed it, here's the Book of news, and all the sessions can be streamed on-demand now. Naturally, the main news in the analytical space was the GA of Microsoft Fabric workloads, which came alongside a swathe of announcements that can all be found on the Microsoft Fabric blog. One of the main new features being that of Mirroring (which was originally highlighted in Arun's blog Prepare your data for AI innovation with Microsoft Fabric) which replicates your database data (from its proprietary format) into Delta tables in Fabric. So, like shortcuts but to your database data. Pretty cool, but (as is a bit of a theme with Fabric announcements) it's not available to use yet - you have to apply for the early adopter programme.

Issue 233: 14th November 2023

This week the ground-breaking news is that Datasets have been renamed to semantic models. I should think this decision will divide opinion. From the Fabric perspective, this makes total sense. There are too many artifacts that resemble "datasets" in Fabric such that the term could add an annoying level of ambiguity (especially for newcomers). Conversely, looking at Power BI in isolation, "datasets" are a well-defined artifact type and can't be confused as easily with other artifacts. "Dataset" is also a well-known and understood term. "Semantic model" is less well understood as a term, but I do think it more accurately describes the role of the data model + measures in Power BI. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts to this one!

Issue 232: 7th November 2023

One announcement this week, and that's the new admin API to get insights into tenant setting overrides at capacity level, which is more of a "Fabric" announcement really, but is relevant for any P SKUs you may already have. I believe the only two settings that can be delegated at the moment are the "Users can create Fabric items" and "Data Activator" settings, but I can see how this new feature will be useful going forward for visibility.


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