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Power BI Weekly Issue 45: 11th February 2020

Quite an active week in the Power BI ecosystem this week, so take your time digesting this content. Let's start with the one update from this week, which is the Power BI Developer community February 2020 update. Elsewhere, Michal Dvorak has provided a tool to Convert a Power BI Dataset To a Power BI Dataflow, David Eldersveld has described how to Use Windows Shortcuts to Open Power BI with a Default File, and Leila Etaati has written about the Decomposition Tree Visual in Power BI- Part Two.

A couple of weeks ago, a number of endjineers attended NDC London, which was a great success with many fascinating sessions. We've distilled all of our experiences into a number of blogs, for example, Jon George has written about dangerous AI, microservices, diagnostics and Blazor in his overview of day 1, whilst Ian and Carmel have also provided their takes on the day. Oh - and so have I!

Finally, Carmel has written a brilliant, brave, thought-provoking blog post about her experiences with mental health and managing the challenges of remote working. It is well worth a read, whether or not you work from home.

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