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Power BI Weekly Issue 7: 14th May 2019

We hope those who attended Microsoft //build had a fantastic time. Only a few updates this week: Nikhil Gaekwad has highlighted that there's now Report Commenting for Power BI Service and Mobile and has also provided a Power BI Service and Mobile April 2019 feature summary. Elsewhere, Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer has told us that the On-premises data gateway May 2019 update is now available.

Also in this week's edition, John White has described Using Microsoft Graph Data Connect with Power BI Dataflows, Patrick Leblanc describes how to Build a custom KPI scorecard and Devin Knight and Erin Ostrowsky begin a new series covering Power BI Interview Questions.

Data Modeling

Covering: Relationships, Calculated Columns, Calculated Measures, Calculated Tables, DAX

Report Design and Visualizations

Covering: Report layout and formatting, Mobile reports, Native & Custom visuals, R & Python integration, Visual interactions, Report Themes

Data Exploration

Covering: Dashboards, Quick Insights, Q&A, Filters, Bookmarks, Drill-through

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Apps and App Workspaces, Template Apps, Datasets, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, REST APIs, PowerShell cmdlets, .NET SDK


Covering: Public service announcements, Cross-topic feature summaries, Power BI Overviews, Upcoming webinars/events, Power BI Certifications


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