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Power BI Weekly Issue 117: 6th July 2021

Plenty of content and announcements this week, so make your cup of tea/coffee a large one. Firstly, we've been told about the new Scanner API (Admin REST APIs) enhancements, which now include dataset tables, columns, measures, DAX expressions, and mashup queries. Great for custom governance solutions, dynamic scanning of metadata, amongst many other use cases. Sticking to developer tools - we've been given a Heads up: breaking change coming to Power BI PowerShell Cmdlets, so make sure you prepare your code for the new auth changes. A few other exciting announcements:

Elsewhere this week, Marco Russo has written an updated version of the blog Choosing Azure Analysis Services or Power BI Premium for large datasets taking into account Premium Gen2 enhancements along with various other new features which bridge the gap between the two tools. Adam Saxton has given an overview of Tracing with Log Analytics and Power BI, going through the new capability announced last week. Finally, Parker Stevens has described Small Multiples Custom Sorting and Pagination in Power BI using the ever-popular slicer table trick.

Data Prep

Covering: Power Query (M), Dataflows, Data connectors, AI Insights

Data Modeling

Covering: DAX (Measures & Calculated Tables/Columns), Relationships, Analysis Services, Composite models

Report Authoring and Interactivity

Covering: Layout and formatting, Visualizations, Interactivity, Themes, Mobile reports, Dashboards

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Workspaces and Apps, Template Apps, Deployment Pipelines, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, Admin operations, Developer Tooling


Covering: Cross-topic announcements & feature summaries, Whitepapers, Community events, Learning Resources & Certifications, Podcasts, Sample reports, End-to-end walkthroughs


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