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Power BI Weekly Issue 68: 21st July 2020

Some very exciting announcements this week. As part of the Power BI Desktop July 2020 Feature Summary, we've been told about the new (preview) external tools in Power BI Desktop, allowing you to launch your favourite tools right from within the application. Are you wondering why some of the tools aren't showing? Adam Saxton goes through how to fix that. Elsewhere, we've been told that the Azure Maps Power BI visual now in preview, including bubble layers, 3D bar chart layers, amongst other cool features. Finally, the Power BI team is saying Thank You for 5 Years as Power BI reaches its fifth official anniversary. I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking the Power BI team for building such a wonderful product thus far, and wishing them the best for the next five years!

Data Prep

Covering: Power Query (M), Dataflows, Data connectors, AI Insights

Data Modeling

Covering: DAX (Measures & Calculated Tables/Columns), Relationships, Analysis Services, Composite models

Report Authoring and Interactivity

Covering: Layout and formatting, Visualizations, Interactivity, Themes, Mobile reports, Dashboards

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Workspaces and Apps, Template Apps, Deployment Pipelines, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, Admin operations, Developer Tooling


Covering: Cross-topic announcements & feature summaries, Whitepapers, Community events, Learning Resources & Certifications, Podcasts, Sample reports, End-to-end walkthroughs


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