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Power BI Weekly Issue 60: 26th May 2020

For those of you that don't know, it was the first fully virtual Microsoft Build conference last week. Some huge announcements across the board, having implications in both the Azure and Power BI ecosystems. If you want to catch up on all the Azure announcements, check out the latest edition of Azure Weekly. Arguably the biggest announcement of them all, is the Azure Synapse Analytics public preview, a powerful end-to-end analytics platform with Power BI built right into it - read about 5 Reasons why Azure Synapse Analytics should be on your roadmap. Otherwise, we've been told about the General Availability of shared and certified datasets in Power BI, which introduces the new "force delete" functionality for dataset owners, whereby all dependent reports will either be deleted or disconnected from their data model (depending on whether the report resides in the dataset's workspace or a different workspace).

A few Premium announcements this week: there is a new Refresh Summary UI and corresponding REST API, which gives the premium capacity's admins an overview of all scheduled refreshes activity on their premium capacity. We've also been told that the Metrics App is now available as a template app, and that service principals using the XMLA endpoint are now supported.

Elsewhere, the Power BI Desktop May 2020 Feature Summary has been shared with us, including featured tables for Excel, the GA of the decomposition tree, and the new Apply All filters button for the filter pane. Finally, the May On-premises data gateway update is now available.

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