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Power BI Weekly Issue 124: 7th September 2021

It's a bit of a bumper edition this week, what with the 2 week pause, so grab yourself an extra large cup of tea (or coffee, if you're so inclined) and take a look through this week's issue. Let's start with all the announcements. Something I mentioned in the editorial of the last edition has been made-good - and that's some official documentation on the public preview of automatic aggregations. We've also been given a heads-up about Power BI and Excel functionality: Expanded Feature Availability for Power BI Free License Users which is 'coming soon', and will allow Free users to connect Excel to Power BI datasets backed by a Premium capacity. There have been a couple of updates related to Goals in Power BI: Announcing automated statuses and improved filtering for Power BI Goals and Power BI Mobile apps now support Goals. We've also been told that:

Lots of information there to sink your teeth into, and much more in the main body of the newsletter! Enjoy.

Data Prep

Covering: Power Query (M), Dataflows, Data connectors, AI Insights

Data Modeling

Covering: DAX (Measures & Calculated Tables/Columns), Relationships, Analysis Services, Composite models

Report Authoring and Interactivity

Covering: Layout and formatting, Visualizations, Interactivity, Themes, Mobile reports, Dashboards

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Workspaces and Apps, Template Apps, Deployment Pipelines, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, Admin operations, Developer Tooling


Covering: Cross-topic announcements & feature summaries, Whitepapers, Community events, Learning Resources & Certifications, Podcasts, Sample reports, End-to-end walkthroughs


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