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Power BI Weekly Issue 212: 20th June 2023

The monthly update is back to being the first link in the editorial after it was trumped by all the Fabric announcements last month. Find the full update here: Power BI June 2023 Feature Summary. Some really cool features have landed with this update - my favourite being the release of Power BI Desktop Developer Mode (Preview), which is a giant step towards giving Enterprise customers the version control and CI/CD capabilities people have been asking for for years. But a close second in my mind is the New card visual | Public preview, which improves upon the original card visual dramatically, allowing multiple cards to be created within a container (meaning we can stop with the visual hacks we've been doing up until now). It also introduces much more flexible and granular visual formatting, including custom display units and the ability to customize how BLANK is displayed.

Aside from monthly updates this month, Chris Webb has actually written about a feature that landed last month which was overshadowed by all-things Fabric, and that's the ability to Set Query Limits in Power BI Desktop, which allows us to simulate the frustrating “Visual Has Exceeded The Available Resources” Error In Power BI Desktop, which I'm sure many of you have encountered during your Power BI travels. Finally, there's now Chart sharing from organizational apps, allowing users to create links to individual charts and to open the visual in a PowerPoint deck.

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