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Power BI Weekly Issue 202: 11th April 2023

This week we've been given the official announcement of the topic I've been banging on about for the last couple of weeks, and that's the public preview of the Tabular Model Definition Language (TMDL). Currently the only way to utilize this new format is through the TOM API, but in the future it will be baked directly into Microsoft products. Another huge announcement this week is the general availability for composite models on Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services models - a feature that came into preview in December 2020, if you can believe it! As promised by Jeroen, this includes some improvements that were guaranteed for the GA of this feature, such as the ability to utilize the feature without having to have the Build permission / Contributor role. As ever, well done to the Power BI team for their hard work over the last 2.5 years. The final announcement this week is the new Deployment Pipelines feature: View item’s code changes before deploying it, which will show a diff view of your report's changes to maintain confidence in the updates you're making.

Elsewhere this week, my colleague Barry has shared a recording of his SQLBits 2023 lightning talk about Creating a high performance Data Team: lessons learned from the field, and Kurt Buhler is back with another great blog describing How to manage “Reporting Objects” in a Power BI Dataset.

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