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Power BI Weekly Issue 208: 23rd May 2023

This is your final reminder to register for the Microsoft Build conference, whose opening keynote kicks off at 9AM PDT (I'll leave you to calculate what time that is in your timezone!) I suggest you tune into this keynote, and then (if you're still awake) join Arun, Amir, Justyna and Patrick's keynote session Analytics in the Age of AI at 4PM PDT. You're not going to want to miss that one. We'll be talking about these exciting Build announcements on the endjin blog and endjin YouTube channel over the coming days, so stay tuned!

Back to reality - we've been given one announcement this week, which is better Admin Monitoring for Tenant Admins which consists of a new "Feature Usage and Adoption dataset and report", providing insights on users and activity, capacity usage and adoption growth, and other general auditing needs. Tenant Admins will be able to share these reports with other organization users if necessary, too. Elsewhere this week, Flávio Meneses has shared a New External Tool: Automated Checks which performs some helpful sanity-checks over a Power BI report to build a developer's confidence after making a round of changes; and Erik Svensen has shown how to use the Power BI Embedded playground in order to easily try/test another Power BI theme on your existing reports in the service.

Data Modeling

Covering: DAX (Measures & Calculated Tables/Columns), Relationships, Analysis Services, Composite models

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Workspaces and Apps, Template Apps, Deployment Pipelines, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, Admin operations, Developer Tooling


Covering: Cross-topic announcements & feature summaries, Whitepapers, Community events, Learning Resources & Certifications, Podcasts, Sample reports, End-to-end walkthroughs


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