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Power BI Weekly Issue 37: 10th December 2019

Only one announcement this week, and that's the Power BI Service and Mobile October and November 2019 feature summary. Elsewhere, Mike Carlo has written about the impact of too many visuals on a report page in the blog More Visuals Mo Problems, Kasper de Jonge has described how to Build your custom visual with Charticulator and Power BI, and Gil Raviv has shared some interesting thoughts on the statement: "Power BI is a Data Visualization Tool". It's much more than that, folks. But I'm sure you all knew that anyway!

Data Prep

Covering: Power Query (M), Dataflows, Data connectors, Analysis Services

Data Modeling

Covering: Relationships, Calculated Columns, Calculated Measures, Calculated Tables, DAX

Report Design and Visualizations

Covering: Report layout and formatting, Mobile reports, Native & Custom visuals, R & Python integration, Visual interactions, Report Themes

Data Exploration

Covering: Dashboards, Quick Insights, Q&A, Filters, Bookmarks, Drill-through

    Deployment, Security and Operations

    Covering: Apps and App Workspaces, Template Apps, Datasets, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, REST APIs, PowerShell cmdlets, .NET SDK


    Covering: Public service announcements, Cross-topic feature summaries, Power BI Overviews, Upcoming webinars/events, Power BI Certifications


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